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Tasmania has always been a little different. And so is Pagan Cider. From humble beginnings as Tasmanian home brewers to craft cidermakers with a difference, we’ve pushed the boundaries and embraced innovation, unshackled by the past. We’ll never lose the passion to develop what we call Tasmanian-style craft ciders, made to be the best they can be rather than an interpretation of old styles.

Taking a fresh approach

We use the tastiest fruit, fresh from the tree, lovingly grown in the Huon Valley by fourth-generation orchardists using earth-friendly farming practices. Whole crisp, juicy apples and seasonal fruits such as plump luscious cherries and fragrant quinces are pressed with care, then transformed by pure alchemy — using modern cidermaking wizardry — into ciders of rare sparkle, clarity and balance. We’re blessed with choice in the quality and type of fruit we buy. It rolls and bounces like happy fruit – it doesn’t go splat and slide like it’s past its use-by date. We live by the rule you get out what you put in – only the best eating grade fruit goes into Pagan Cider.

Fruit, fruit and nothing but the fruit

Pagan Cider is a ‘whole-fruit’ cider. This means we only use real, whole fruit to make our cider. As you would expect. Sadly, not all ciders are made using this pure and time-honoured approach. Many mass-market ciders contain NO FRUIT AT ALL — they are simply alcoholic carbonated cordials, flavoured with fruit juice concentrate (often imported), and are distinguished by their sugary sweetness and ‘chemical’ aftertaste.

No added sugars, ever

Unlike most ciders, Pagan Cider is made without adding sugar, at any stage of production. Because we use tasty fruit and modern cidermaking expertise, we simply don’t need to balance our ciders with sugar. All you’ll taste in our refreshing ciders is the natural lushness of real Tasmanian fruit.

Consistent quality in every batch

A recurring issue with rustic farmhouse ciders made using traditional methods is that these can vary wildly in flavour from batch to batch — a characteristic which can be endearing, but more often disappointing. Not so with Pagan Cider. Our fruit is always of the highest quality, and our cidermakers carefully control the crushing, fermenting and blending process across each and every small batch, eliminating unwanted oxidisation of our juice and ensuring a consistently fine result. Our ciders, like any natural cider,  are clear and have been so since the first kitchen bench batch in 1985. Commercial brands often change the appearance of their ciders to suit their marketing by pasteurising their juice, using chemicals or even over-oxidising the juice. Pagan Cider is 100% fruit, our juice and our ciders are not pasteurised and we minimise oxidation to ensure our ciders remain fresh, clean and vibrant.